Saint Maarten is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the opportunity to relax in one the world’s most exotic and lovely places. The island is split into two parts. One part belongs to France and the other is governed by the Netherlands. Both parts of the island offer the same long beaches, access to sparkling waters, plentiful outdoor activities and a great deal of sunshine even when the weather is cold and dreary elsewhere. Getting away to this island can be an ideal way to enjoy some time in the sun even when the weather outside is cold, snowy and depressing.

16319549803_be8738f3df_kThose who want to travel here will find it relatively easy to get to this island. The island is well served by many major boat routes as well as an airport, also car rental st martin is available for vacationers wanting the most out of their trip. Many direct flights here are available from the continental United States as well as Latin America and Europe. The island is also a highly popular destination with cruise ships who also ply other nearby places such as Guadaloupe and Anguilla. The island is also convenient as part of a trip to Miami or those seeking to travel to South America.

Many people travel here via cruise ship. This allows them enjoy all means aboard the ship and avoid the needs to make reservations in advance. For those who are going to be staying directly on the island, they will be delighted to find out just how many restaurants are available to suit their tastes. While the island is only about 38 miles in total, it is also home to several hundred restaurants. Those in search of a good meal will find many choices here including options from various kinds of cuisines such at Italian, Thai, Indian and French in honor of the country’s governing nation.

Someone who is thinking of going here during the popular winter 15732989042_e8a880b721_kmonths should figure out which particular restaurants appeal to them as it can help them make sure that they can get access to the specific restaurant they want. The island can get quite crowded during this time of year and waits are not uncommon. A savvy traveler will want to decide on which restaurants they like and then see if they can get reservations in advance. Many places take reservations well in advance, often allowing people to book a table as long as several months before they are traveling here.